Ithmaar delivers innovation and effectiveness, both in the MENA region and worldwide. We offer next generation solutions within the market of Islamic Finance.


“A system that adapts to your business need”

Business Change Management

Business Change Management is an all new concept designed and developed in the heart of Ithmaar Finance by our experienced R&D team; introducing a new degree of freedom for Islamic Finance Institutions. This freedom is displayed in the ability to design, setup, and operate their own specific business requirements without the need to change a single line of code. In this line of business, countless changes are needed due to the dependence on the country’s central bank legislations, the organization’s business process, the Sharia advisory board rules, and naturally the ever-changing world regulatory requirements. With this dynamic model, you have the power and control over your system to both setup and change the rules and business processes without the need to disturb your business operations. There is no longer the need to worry about the vast costs of compliance or the costs of misconduct caused by conventional and obsolete systems.

Business Change Management Tools

Business Rule Engine

The workflow engine is a core component used to formulate our unique Business Change Management concept. It’s the tool that puts your organization’s process flow into action. With the extremely unprecedented use of oracle’s workflow engine, we were able to offer you the freedom to put your organization’s business process into action.

Work/Process Flow Engine

It doesn’t matter whether your business rules are strict or loose, firm or tolerant, now it will always be your call to decide. The Business Rule Engine lets you define what is mandatory, what can be postponed and what can be tolerated. We combined it with the powerful Workflow Engine to give you the ability to define what attributes and documents are required at which stage and which of that can be postponed to a later stage. It also allows you to decide on which information will stop the transaction from moving further or raise a deficiency, along with which personnel have the authority to approve or reject certain deficiencies.

Now you are ready to have your transactions seamlessly flowing through the process you designed with the rules you defined.

Formula Builder

“If conditions” and “AND, OR and NOT operators” are no longer tools for developers only to build logic. Bring logic capabilities to your business with the Formula Builder. For each transaction, you can formulate complex rules that combine two or more conditions together in a logical manner with a simple graphical user interface.

Choose the system that allows you to combine conditions that should be validated together, or determine a combination that includes some that should be validated and others that should not, or even choose to build rules that reflect a false result as valid.

The Formula builder allows you to utilize these functions in different components of the system; giving the organization the flexibility of easily installing new policies or regulations without having to request a change in the system.

Flex Field

To get the ultimate benefit and make the process even more dynamic and flexible, Flex Fields are used to be able to define custom data fields to be used in different screens in the application.

Now you can define fields and parameters, build complex rules and formulas to be validated, use the rule engine altogether with the workflow engine to tailor Ithmaar Finance to your organization’s business needs and process flow.


“Continuous innovation needs freedom”

Islamic Finance Engine

Your system will never hold you back again. Ithmaar Finance gives you the freedom to continuously innovate new Sharia compliant products and implement them right away. Leveraging our vast experience in Islamic Finance products, we have developed a sophisticated Islamic Finance Engine based on all Sharia basic instruments. This engine puts in your hand the power to design and implement your very own products with pure confidence of being all Sharia compliant.

Moreover, you will have all the basic Islamic Products of Tawaruq, Mosawma, Mudarba, Musharka, Salam, Istesnaa, Murabaha and Ijara setup and ready.

With Ithmaar Finance, you will always stay ahead of the game and provide your customers the innovation they deserve.


“Informed decisions are the key to success”

Data & Analysis

Powerful analytics and extensive statistical data tools make it easier than ever to monitor the key metrics you specify. With such potent and comprehensive analysis at your fingertips, you will be well positioned to take advantage of future opportunities others may miss.

Data & Analysis Tools

Real Time Processing

Our team used the latest database design techniques to be able to process data in real-time. You can get the status of the organization instantaneously at any level of the organization hierarchy whenever you need it. Do not wait for end-of-day reports again and embrace faster and more efficient decision-making process.


Comprehensive dashboards are embedded in Ithmaar Finance to give you the power to analyze your organization’s performance and make data driven decisions that drives your organization to the lead. Together with real-time processing of data you can make your moves faster with confidence.

360° Business Party

Your organization deals with hundreds and thousands of corporates and individuals every day. Whether it is a customer, a guarantor, a seller, an insurer or all of them in one, a business party is defined only once in Ithmaar Finance. This gives you an overall picture of the business parties you deal with to have a full outlook of their performance and metrics. Your 360° understanding of the customer will give you the ability to judge which business parties are promoting your growth and which are acting as an interference.


“Human experience in the heart of design”

User-centered Design

Ithmaar Finance is designed to give the user the full power over the function s/he is concerned with. From top and middle management to sales officers and system administrators, each individual will find exactly what s/he needs to run his/her functions smoothly and efficiently without getting lost in system complications and endless instructions to do simple jobs. From system setup to everyday work, the user experience is guaranteed to be much simpler than ever.

Generating instant valuable reports and dashboard charts and graphs allows you to easily know the organization status at any time at any level of hierarchy without waiting for end-of-day reports evolving how decision making is done in your organization.

Notification Engine, Deficiency Management, Financial Statement Analysis and other modules and functions are all designed to get the maximum benefit from Ithmaar Finance with the highest usability specs.


“Bringing endless possibilities”


  • - Internatonalization
  • - Multi-currencies
  • - Historical Position
  • - Rich payment plan
  • - Multiple offers per deal
  • - Mostly common depreciation methods
  • - Customizable asset definition
  • - Multiple set of books